Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Gabber's Guide to #Twitter

It's no secret that I am in crazy love with Twitter. I love TwitPic-ing, I love ReTweeting, I love celeb Tweets, I love roommate Tweets and I love, love, LOVE Gabbing about any and all things Twitter. More than Facebook (yes, I just said that and no, I will not take it back).

For the two of you reading this, I know you don't have Twitter and I'm cool with that. I get that you don't understand that fabulousity that is Twitter and I get that it's kind of trendy right now and you "don't have a reason to have it." Yeah, yeah. Been there, done that. But, let me let you in on a little secret: Twitter is the actual Gift of Gab. Thought it was just me who was made with this talent? Psshh! Twitter spreads the Gift of Gab like none other.
Awww! Look how cute!

Imagine, if you will, a virtual text, BBM, what have you. Now, imagine you want to send that text to everyone. I'm not talking about sending an e-mail sent to your entire address book or just forwarding a text to everyone in your iPhone. I'm talking about sending this text message to everyone at one time. No clicks. No scrolling through names. That's Twitter, Gabbers!

Just a few days ago, it was a beautiful 75-degree day in Ann Arbor and I felt like spreading my Gift and sending it into the universe. So, I tweeted, "Good morning, starshine, it's spring time in Ann Arbor." And whaddaya know? People RE-Tweeted that shizz! They appreciated my Tweet and decided to promote my good feelings into the Twitter-verse. And that felt really, REALLY, #gabworthy. It's my trend. It's gonna be a thing. Trust me.

Twitter also provides me with a link to important stuff. You know, like CNN news breaks (@cnnbrk) and job opportunities (@PRJobsPHIL --nope, still no job). Oh, and style trends (@nytimesstyle) and Twilight news (@Twilight) and recipes (@Bethenny). So, it's super easy and convenient and accessible and gab-worthy. In short, me likie my Twitter. So, I thought I'd Gab about it. Ain't nothin' wrong with that. No harm, no foul.

Live it. Love it. Own it. Know it. TWEET IT!
Gabbily Gifted

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  1. I totally have a twitter....but it's a secret :)